Isometric Town Illustration

Vector isometric illustration of a town

Commissioned by Plum Design in Brisbane for Sunshine Coast City Council to depict the 7 x principles of affordable living for building sustainable communities.

The Brief:

To draw an entire community depicting 7 separate principles. The illustration needed to have a central CBD with transport linking inner town to outer rural areas through suburbs. The architecture, building and town layout needed to be Australian and show different types of transport options, living options and business types. Draw the illustration in an interesting engaging style.


1. Receive written brief and various resources, write up quote, get approval.

2. Meet client in Brisbane to discuss brief, timeline for project and layout of town.

3. Research town plans, sketch out rough town layout with transport grids and mark where buildings go.

4. Revisions to sketches, back and forth with a few options until final pencil sketch layout is locked in.

5. Draw in Adobe Illustrator CS6 the outline of buildings, grids and entire town plan – build as layered file. Get approval.

6. Add detail, fully render and colour illustration, add people, cars bicycles and other detail to bring illustration to life.

7. Some changes and amends, then final sign off given.

8. Supply working layered illustrator file to client along with all supporting files needed for final output.

To see the final interactive illustration CLICK HERE